Danger Mrs Will Robinson

Let’s look at how did I do this past year.

A) Post at most five links to something someone else has created/posted/shared per week.

I stuck to that pretty well with the exception of the weeks surrounding the recent presidential election, so I’m comfortable with saying that part was a success.

B) Refrain from any selfie taking unless said selfie is integral to a crafted post.

I don’t think I took any selfies this past year.  Things have been too busy.

C) Vacation posts will be exempt from rule B, but that still doesn’t mean self-editing isn’t important. 

Vacation?!?  I still haven’t even booked my Cayman trip that I talked about two months ago.

D) Make constructive updates: IE I will not post “I hate life and that Darth Vader Wannabe.

Yeah I just don’t do that sort of thing at all.

E) If I find humor or discover something thought provoking out there in that big expansive world, or if I myself create something humorous or thought provoking, I will share it and not expect any of my friends to comment and pat me on the back for my awesomeness.


F) Try to encourage friends to do the all of the above

Here is where I failed!

So I’m upping the ante:  that’s right.  If you post something that is clickbait, false news, a random cooking recipe and you do not provide any explanatory information such as this is something you cooked last night and my was it tasty, or that you do not agree with said policies regarding lack of maternity/paternity, and I see said post, I’m going to call you on it.  If you share an image or movie of some sort, same deal.

If you post something about your life though–great!

And I’m going to encourage like minded people to do the same.  Sitting back and letting friends post what amounts to digital garbage is just not useful.   With such a craptastically fascist political and social landscape in front of us for the foreseeable future, no one should get a pass to bury their head in the sand.

Side note for those completely unaware that you can do this:
I use my own algorithm for FB. You can create one for yourself in about 2min. Just make a custom list, toss all your friends on to it and then use that when you want to read what is going on with people. Plus side: far far fewer ads and you actually see posts from ALL your friends, not just the most traffic’d. Minus side: you see ALL the posts from you friends.