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Why the domain name? Because back when I was a proper network engineer I wrote a parody of Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl.” You can view it here.

Convoluted rest of the story: this is the “personal” site of Stega.  Originally Purgatory.org was my sole personal site, but in the summer of 2015 Purgatory was donated for use for our new home, Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur Farm. A few months later, inspired by a friend and a visiting coyote, I started posting daily images of the wildlife here over on stega.org. That site now hosts several thousand images, most of which were taken while sitting here in my office.  

Adding in other images from travels seemed like the wrong thing to do, and since I have had this domain for years and never used it, I decided to create a new home for some of the images I’ve captured over the years. Then I started adding small blog posts as well as using it to resurrect a few of the items that originally lived on Purgatory (like the Network Girl lyrics.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What camera do you use? I currently shoot with a Canon EOS R5 and a variety of lenses. Older images were shot with a Canon Mark IV 5D, Canon Mark II 5D, a Canon EOS D30, a Canon ESO 30D, and even a Canon Power Shot A20.

Q: What editing software do you use? I use CaptureOne from PhaseOne.

Q: Do you have a privacy policy. Yes.

Q: How often to you post to your blog? I post when I have something interesting to share. Sometimes I have several old things to share and then those are usually scheduled to go public on Wednesdays.

Q: Why aren’t you working as a network engineer still? Because it really sucks to be female and in the tech industry. Almost every job I ever had was a swamp of rampant sexism, harassment and such. Thankfully I got out years ago and am now a working Voice Actor — you can hear my demo at my other site, boros.net