Stuff for your Inbox to Make you Feel a Bit Better

Looking for some daily sources of fun and comfort? I signed up for a couple of mailing lists (gasp!) in the last week and and am super happy with the results.

First off check out . It’s a huge site devoted to nothing but webcams of animals and nature. From penguins at a zoo to the Aurora Borealis. (zomg I can’t believe I typed that last word perfectly on my first try!)

Also of note is David Byrne’s new site, Reasons to Be Cheerful. The curated site is exactly what it says.

Both mailing lists don’t overspam and emails. Instead every day or two they just sort of jiggle your mind a bit encouraging you go check out a webcam of bald eagle chicks or really good read about a few good things resulting from the current pandemic.

Lastly one other mailing list of note is Small Deeds Done. I’ve been subbed to it since the great orange gibbon event of 2016 and while I don’t often fully read the missives I will occasionally scan through them and see if there some small positive thing I can do during the day.