Homeward Bound

After over thirty days in Ohio I started home. I reversed the same path I had taken to get there: Cleveland to Des Moines to Cheyenne to Elko to home.

Finally I made it back safe and sound.

My total milage for the entire 40 some days was just shy of 5700 miles.

And as a weird addendum, perhaps the most useful thing I took and tried out was the little travel bidet we got years ago when we bought our first bidet toilet seat from BidetKing.com. I will never travel without one again. Before those reading who have never tried a bidet go “ewwwww”, don’t knock it until you try it. Bidets are awesome things. So much nicer than trying to wipe your bottom with toilet paper, so much more eco-friendly too. Anyway, this little number made life nice. (We have bidet seats now on most of the toilets here at the ranch.)