Odd Dreams

I have packing dreams right before my period. Like I’m packing stuff to go somewhere and I keep finding more and more stuff that has to get sorted and packed before I can leave. Totally random things like 20 pairs of socks that need sorted and folded into a box. I’m so used to the genre of dream my brain now recognizes it is a dream, so I’m not anxious about it. Everything relaxes in my head and my brain says “fuck it! just go with it!” Then the stuff I’m trying to pack turns all fun and fantastical. Have you ever tried to pack a dozen live 8″ high alicorns? How about a never ending collection of all the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other books you never read as a kid as you were too busy with your nose in adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff? Or perhaps you need to unpaint some canvases and store the paint that was on them back in some bottles…..The down side of the packing dreams is that the next day I wake up and have cramps and my period.