The Resurrection of Skype

Four years ago I tried to setup Skype on a machine and failed miserably. The support was so awful I wrote an entire rant about it.

I’m pleased to note that after reading up on the security issues with Zoom I decided to see if I could reclaim my old Skype account. It seems MS has finally gotten their act together and I was able to easily login and get my account back up and running.

The only sad thing is that I see dead people. Like really truly dead. 🙁

Another crazy two months…

During which time I managed to blow up this site.  Thanks to having a backup of things though, I managed to piece things back together.

I’ve also been busy managing Purgatory.  Things have been very busy over there, but I’m pleased to note I’m finally getting my personal site back in order.

Alive Again Sort Of

Yeah, I have a website again.  Boo no real content has been moved here yet.  I’ll be working on that bit next.

In case you were wondering, is back up too, but now is my personal site and is setup for our home.

Edit:  4/15/19
Well that was a few years ago:  now the blog is here at networkgirl.  Yeah!